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«It is always warm with us» Oleksandr Sigal (biography)

Institute of Engineering Ecology, Ltd. (IEE), founded in 1992, is an independent professional research and engineering organization. The main fields of the Institute’s activities are:

  • Development and implementation of the new environmentally friendlier technologies and equipment to save energy and fuel and protect the environment;
  • Organizing and performing of the energy and environmental inspections, assessments, audits of industrial, energy and housing enterprises, and participation in the implementation of the proposals after the results of such inspections;
  • Development and implementation of new effective gas cleaning equipment;
  • Development and creation of data banks, databases, rendering of information and consulting services to domestic and foreign enterprises and companies;
  • Development of the Joint Implementation projects and projects under the “Green investments scheme” on reducing greenhouse gases emissions to the atmosphere from industrial, energy, municipal housing and other objects to prevent global climate change under the mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol to the UNFCCC;
  • Development of projects for international organizations: World Bank, EBRD, GIZ, etc.

Development and introduction of new environmentally friendly technologies and equipment for energy and fuel conservation and environmental protection:

Among the developments of the Institute are new technologies and equipment for reducing the formation of nitrogen oxides by 50% with the possibility of further refinement; to reduce emissions of sulfur oxides twice by the semi-dry method; cyclophilic filters, including the possibility of a built-in sleeve filter, for dust removal with a coefficient of 99,9%; technology of combustion of organic substances in ventilation emissions; new generation hot water boilers (0.63 and 2.0 MW); heat utilizers, air heaters; modernized podium emitting burners; intensification of furnace heat exchange; improvement of technology of combustion; reduction of emissions of toxic substances and greenhouse gases into the environment; reduction of energy consumption in the process of production of thermal energy, etc. The indicated technologies and equipment are developed and implemented jointly with the Institute of Gas and Technical Thermophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the European Institute for Sanitation, Safety, Insurance, Equipment and Environmental Protection Facilities (SVT eV, Saarbrücken, Germany), E3 International (USA), E -Energy group (Lithuania), as well as with colleagues in Russia and Belarus.

These developments were implemented in district heating systems and industrial enterprises in a number of regions and cities of Ukraine, including Chernihiv, Donetsk regions, cities of Kyiv, Simferopol, Yalta, Sevastopol, Vinnitsa, Sumy, Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, Lutsk, Zaporizhia, Slavuta and others. , as well as Russia and Lithuania.

Development of projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere at industrial, energy, housing and other objects, etc. to prevent global climate change (including Joint Implementation projects and projects under the targeted environmental (green) investment scheme) :

Since 1998, the Institute has been involved with issues related to global climate change, greenhouse gas emission reductions and the Kyoto Protocol to the UNFCCC. The Institute completed the development of the first Joint Implementation Project for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from Ukraine due to reduction of fuel costs as a result of the reconstruction of the district heating system in Chernihiv region (2003). The JI projects for the rehabilitation of district heating systems have been prepared based on the Institute’s own methodology for baseline setting and monitoring developed by the Institute for a number of regions (Crimea, Chernihiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Rivne, Kharkiv oblasts) and cities (Kharkiv, Lugansk, Zaporizhia, Vinnytsa Lutsk, Sevastopol, Makeyevka, Mariupol, Artemivsk, etc.) of Ukraine, as well as projects for the reconstruction of water supply systems in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Vinnytsia and Lutsk, on energy efficiency improvement of the thermal power station (Starobeshevskaya, Tripoli) with recovery of small hydropower plants in different regions of Ukraine, collection and utilization of landfill gas at the landfill c. Chernigov, the implementation of energy saving equipment and technologies in industry, including the SE “PA Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant. O. M. Makarov “, etc. Total of more than 30 JI projects, of which 15 were already transactions of emission reduction units (about 14 million tons of СО2eq.), As a result of which the enterprises of the country received significant (more than 500 million UAH.) Targeted irreversible investments in their activities.

Experience of IEE

The geographic location of the Institute’s work in the field of energy efficiency in Ukraine


Since 1992, the Institute is a collective member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine.

In 2015, the Institute of Industrial Ecology is listed in the register of legal entities that have the right to carry out environmental audits.

The Institute constantly performs work within the framework of the tasks of state bodies, in particular, ministries and state agencies of Ukraine (housing and communal services, science, innovations and informatization, environmental investments, energy efficiency).

The Institute holds an annual international conference on topical issues of energy ecology, energy saving and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Qualification of employees

The Institute’s work is carried out by highly skilled and experienced specialists, including 2 doctors and 6 candidates of technical and physical-mathematical sciences and engineers with many years of experience in the fields of energy, the formation and decomposition of toxic substances in combustion processes, boiler-houses, the development of burning and heat-recovery equipment, materials science , gas and dust clearing, industrial and municipal heat supply, heating, solid industrial and domestic waste management, development of Joint Ventures projects INSTITUTING to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and so on.

Among the employees of the Institute are laureates of the State Prizes in the field of science and technology, awards to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, special prizes and awards from several Ministries of Ukraine, academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences, academician and corresponding member of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine.

Nine employees of the Institute have certificates of energy auditor, three – certificates of environmental auditor of Ukraine, three – certificates of verifier / leading verifier of greenhouse gas emissions.