Boiler water-heating combined water-tube-boiler, operating under a boost on natural gas of low pressure, heat capasity of 0,63 MW

Boiler water-heating low-temperature KVVD-0,63 is a combined water-tube-boiler boiler of 630 kW capacity with the forced circulation of heat-carrier through the boiler.

Designed for heating and hot water supply without direct water collection.

Designed for use on natural gas or light liquid fuel and designed for hot water production with a pressure of up to 4 kgf / cm2 (ATI) and a temperature of up to 95 ° C.

The boiler can operate in automatic mode offline.

The boiler consists of the following parts and units:

– Boiler body of oval shape;

– Welded to the body of the front and rear tubular boards;

– Furnace tubes welded in the upper parts of the anterior and rear tubular boards;

– Furnace chamber, which includes a hot tub and an on-screen system with circular tubular boards. In a fire chamber between the rear and front water ring cells, 36 screened tubes are divided, separated by 12 three-way beams. Water is fed to the back chamber, passes into the anterior chamber, so back and back to the front (ie, 3 turns), where through 12 openings comes into the water volume of the boiler body;

– Door of the boiler, which has a rotary chamber of flue gases from a refractory lining;

– Burners, which are attached to the flange door of the boiler.

The KVVD-0.63Gn boiler is equipped with the RS-70 block fan burner manufactured by Riello S.p.A (Italy) and the electronic automatics of RV / t also manufactured by Riello S.p.A (Italy), certified in Ukraine.

The flame of the burner enters the annular screen chamber, which is closed in the bottom part. The camera works with excess pressure of flue gases, which come in 2 fire tubes, then into a rotary chamber and on flue pipes in the smoke box located at the rear of the boiler. From the smoke box, the gases are evacuated to the chimney and into the atmosphere.

The gas path of the boiler is located at the work of the burner under excessive pressure relative to the atmosphere. In flue pipes due to the installed turbulators, flue gases move vortex, due to which improves convective heat exchange.
The thermal insulation of the boiler body is made of mineral wool mats and is enclosed in a sheath.
The boiler is equipped with a control panel that allows the boiler to be operated automatically without any other personnel. The control panel allows you to connect an electronic device that can operate the boiler mode, taking into account the temperature of the outside air.

Basic technical characteristics

1. Nominal heat output, MWh, not less 0,63
2. Fuel type natural gas ГОСТ 5542-87
3. Fuel consumption, m3 / h, not more, at Qurn = 8472 kcal / m3; m3 / year 72,8
4. Efficiency,%, not less 92
5. Working pressure of water, MPa 0,24 – 0,6
6. Water temperature at boiler outlet, ° С, not more 95
7. Estimated return water temperature in front of the boiler, ° С 70
8. Water consumption, m3 / h (at Dt = 25 ° C) 9 – 22
9. Temperature of exhaust gases, ° С, not less 160
10. Power supply, B 380/220 (± 10-15)
11. Rated hydraulic resistance, m. w. s. 2,0
12. Water pressure at boiler outlet to meet safety criteria 2,4 ата
13. Pressure in the furnace, mbar 7,0
14. Temperature of enclosing surfaces of the boiler (casing), ° С, not more
15. Specific emission of carbon monoxide (at a = 1,0), mg / m3, not more 130
16. Specific emission of nitrogen oxides (at a = 1,0), mg / m3, not more
17. Time of activation of protective devices (shutdown of the boiler when the flame goes out), c, no more 2
18. Overall dimensions, mm, not more than:
length with burner 3065
length without burner 2225
width 900
height 1450
19. The range of regulation of heat output in relation to nominal,%, with qualitative adjustment від 20 до 100
20. Specific electricity consumption during operation, kW / MW, no more
21. Installed capacity of current collectors, kW
22. Specific fuel consumption, m3 / MW, no more 115,5
23. Weight, kg, no more 1600
24. Specific metal content, kg / kW, not more 2,54
25. Nominal dilution at boiler, mbar, no more 2,0

Appearance and boiler design