Boiler is a water-heating water tube, which works under pressure of natural gas of low pressure, with a heat output of 2.0 MW (KBV-2.0 Gn)

The boiler type KVV-2,0 Gn is intended for use in heating and hot water supply systems.

The boiler has a P-shaped arrangement and consists of a firebox, the screens of which are drawn from pipes of 51×3.5 mm in diameter, welded with fins, and the convection part made of U-shaped pipes with a diameter of 28×3 mm, which, in turn, are welded into risers , and those – in the collector. Made in the form of a welded gas-density monoblock in a light insulation and decorative casing, it is completed with a block gas burner of low pressure with a system of automation.

Main technical characteristics:

Nominal heat capacity, MW 2,0
Adjustment range,% 40 – 100
Efficiency,%, not less 92

Specific fuel consumption, m3 / MW, no more


Specific electricity consumption, kW / MW


The content of nitrogen oxides (in terms of NO2)

in dry combustion products (reduced to α = 1), mg / m3

96 – 130

Working pressure of water in a boiler, MPa


Water temperature at boiler outlet, С


Water consumption, m3 / h


Temperature of exhaust gases, C

90 – 180

Overall dimensions, mm, not more than:

length with burner






Boiler weight, kg


Specific metal content, t / MW


The implementation of the boiler will allow the replacement of obsolete boilers of the type “Minsk-1”, “NIISTU-5”, “Universal”, “Energy”, etc., to increase the heat capacity of boiler houses 3-5 times without changing their building volumes, dramatically increase efficiency and reliability sources of heat supply.

The boiler was developed by the Institute of Industrial Ecology in cooperation with ITTP NASU, conducted by JSC “Krymteplocomunenergo”.

Appearance and boiler design