Development and introduction of scrubbers of intensive washing (SIW)

New wet dust collectors – scrubbers of intensive washing (SIW), represent low-pressure scrubbers of the second class on the effectiveness of dust capture of the third and fourth groups of dispersion (according to GOST 12.2.043-80) with an average median diameter less than 10 microns.
High efficiency of cleaning is achieved by intensifying the capture of the smallest fraction of dust by special devices. The main advantages of SIW in comparison, for example, with the most versatile Venturi scrubber, provided the same cleaning efficiencies are as follows:

considerably (in 1,5-2 times) less the value of the hydraulic resistance, therefore, in some cases, no installation of an additional smoke exhaust is required;
It is possible to work at high concentrations of sprayed working suspension (up to 14% of dry substances);
The possibility of concentrating and returning to the production of the captured product is ensured as the sprayer does not have small openings or cracks, usually used to obtain a fine spray of liquid.
The sphere of application of SIW – in cases where a high degree of purification of gases from aerosols to median diameters of less than 10 μm is required at energy levels 1500-2500 kJ / 1000m3.

Examples of structures for intensive washing scrubbers (SIWs)

1. Wet dust collector with rotary fan spray (WDF)

The MHP is intended for the purification of technological gas emissions from fine particles, for sanitary purification of gas emissions, for example, spray dryers in the food industry (aerosols of dry fodder yeast, dry milk dust, sugar, etc.), in microbiological (dust of lignite, fodder yeast , enzymes, mixed fodders, etc.), in chemical (in the production of SMS, fertilizers), in energy (on TPPs – as alternatives to scrubbers Venturi), as well as in other industries.
The required degree of dust clearance is achieved by providing the necessary: ​​the velocity of gas in the zone of flushing it with the flame of the dispersed liquid, the spin speed, the magnitudes of the specific irrigation, the magnitudes of the degree of turbulence (regulated) gas flow.

Technical characteristics of the WDF

Purge gas consumption, ths. M3 / h 80-300
Hydraulic resistance kPa 1.0-1.3
Specific irrigation of gases, l / m3 0.3-1.0
Efficiency of dust extraction,% more than 95%
Total yd consumption of electric energy for gas cleaning, kWh / 1000m3 0.6-0.7

2. Scrubber centrifugal direct-current (SCD)

SCS is an atomizer screwdriver with a direct-acting cyclone-drip trap and a device for creating an increased degree of turbulence in the aerosol contact area with liquid drops.
The main mechanism for capturing aerosols in the SFC is inertial in the field of centrifugal forces in droplets at a high degree of turbulence of the gas stream (T <50%) instead of under normal conditions T @ 5%. The experience of the SSC, for example, in the yeast plant of 320, 600m3 type DRA showed that high values ​​of the degree of capture of highly dispersed microbiological droplets aerosol (median diameter d50 <11μm) are achieved at moderate levels of hydraulic resistance (up to 1.0-1.5 kPa); no additional installation of an additional fan is required and VAT requirements (less than 5 * 103 units of microbial particles in m3 of purified air) are provided.