Increase of productivity and efficiency of water heating boilers PTVM-100 and PTVM-50 by installing an upgraded boiler slot burner in the cold boiler of the boiler

Large water-heating boilers of the type PTVM-100, PTVM-50 have a number of structural deficiencies when working on natural gas associated with the initial design of the boiler for work on fuel oil, including insufficient heating of the bottom of the furnace and shielded cold funnel of the boiler (intended only for collecting the fraction when cleaning the convective heating surfaces) and frequent combustion of the first convective package of pipes due to the small distance from the burner to the convective heating surface of the boiler, and the like.

In order to increase the life of the boiler of the type of PTVM and increase its efficiency and efficiency, a low-cost reconstruction scheme has been developed, according to which an additional modernized subsonic slot burner with 2600 or 1300 m3 / h capacity is installed, in order to heat the cold funnel, between the lower collectors. As a result of the installation of the boiler slot burner, the heat perception of the cold funnel and the bottom of the furnace significantly increases, due to which the boiler efficiency increases. The design of the burner does not worsen the conditions of blast cleaning.

The installation of the under-slit burner allows:

Increase the radiant heating surface by 16-20% due to the heating surface located in the cold funnel and part of the screens (below the lower tier of burners), which allows to increase boiler productivity accordingly by 16 – 20%.
To reduce gas consumption by improving the heat exchange in the furnace, with an increase in the boiler efficiency at nominal mode by 1.5 … 3% (at a load of 25..30% increase in efficiency not less than 2 … 4%), which gives an economic effect for 1 boiler PTVM-100 with an average term of use (6 months per year with an average load of 40..70%) – 200 thousand UAH / year, on the boiler ПТВМ-50 – 100 thousand UAH / year.
Reduce electric power consumption for boiling fans (a boiler burner of the same capacity (3 factory burners) consumes 2-3 times less electricity).
Decrease by 25 … 30% nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) into the atmosphere (to a level not more than 115 mg / m3) due to the combustion products at the root of the flare.
Increase the reliability of the boiler and reduce the number of repairs of the first convective tube bundle.
Improve ignition conditions and burner service.
In summer conditions, under reduced load, work only on an additional bottom burner with a reduced energy consumption by 3 times.
Continue boiler life by 6 … 8 years.