The technology of recycling exhaust gases to reduce the formation of nitrogen oxides

Designing to reduce toxic emissions into the atmosphere when burning gaseous or liquid fuels in boilers.

Recirculation of exhaust gases is the most effective method of suppressing the formation of nitrogen oxides (NO x) when combustion of both gas and fuel oil, which allows reducing the NOx content in the outgoing gases by 60-70%. The method is based on the selection of parts of combustion products by the boiler and feeding them into the combustion zone.
The implementation of the proposed technology for the recycling of exhaust gases at the boiler does not require an increase in the efficiency of smoke exhaust pipes, only the production of a system of bypass pipelines for combustion products is required.

Almost only at the expense of this method at a small expense can be achieved a significant ecological effect.

In addition, the probability of overheating of the furnace’s surface surfaces is reduced, the leveling of the temperature fields in the boiler chamber is ensured, which allows to increase the inter-repair periods.

The proposed method is appropriate for the following steam and water heating boilers:

KV-GM-100; 50; 30; 20; 10;

DKVR-4; 10; 20;

DE-16; 25;

PTVM-30; 50; 100;

TVG-4; 8; TVGM-30; KVG-6,5.

It is possible to develop individual solutions for other boilers.